As our communities grow increasingly diverse, it is important that we can learn to accept and celebrate our differences. In order to accept our differences, we must first understand them.

Unfortunately, in today's world the media is often a source of generalization and miscommunication. Although the media can be unreliable in capturing the entire picture, it continues to be the main source of information for many. I began this project because I was curious as to how much of this information was accurate. After watching and reading the interviews with religious leaders on this site, I hope you are able to find beauty in these religions and learn a bit more about them.


When I started this project, my first instinct was to turn to the internet for my research. However, this seemed counter intuitive because the internet is many times the source of misinformation. Instead, I went directly to the source. By interviewing religious leaders, I hoped to capture their perspective, core beliefs, and how their religions are adapting to modern times.


After completing many interviews, I found that there are several commomnalities amongst these religions. The first of these is buiding a strong sense of community. By sharing common beliefs, it fosters a sense of unity and acceptance. Another example is the principle of giving back to those in need. During my interviews this was mentioned across the five religions. In the end, I realize that religion, regardless of it's traditions and rituals, provides purpose and a sense of community.